An Apple a Day in Speech/Language Therapy

It's Apple Week in my speech/language room! Plus, my dad is having a big birthday, and my husband shares his birthday with Johnny Appleseed. Which brings me to…

Starting out the week with Apples: Facts and Opinions.
 Apples: Facts & Opinions by All Y'all Need
This will be great for my 2nd-5th-graders. I will have them read a card to their neighbor, which addresses artic and reading. The neighbor then decides fact or opinion, which gets in several language goals because students have to use complete sentences to back up their decisions. Plus, there are recording sheets. Artic students underline their sounds, language students work on sentences, and fluency students work on easy speech. A game that hits goals and provides homework all in one!

My 2nd-5th graders will end the week with a Johnny Appleseed Information Readers' Theater.
 Johnny Appleseed Informative Readers' Theater by All Y'all Need
Artic students will highlight words with their sounds, language students will work on the sentences as well as the bonus of reading, and fluency students will practice strategies. The unit has 5 parts, so it will be perfect for small groups. Some students may have to double up on parts, or I may take a part!

Next is one of my favorite apple books!
Students in Kg, 1st, and Functional Academics will get to read The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall and answer comprehension questions. I have velcroed visual cues to help them out as needed. Then, they'll get to do some apple tasting after reading The Star in the Apple story!

If we have any time left over, we'll do some "kill and drill" with this APPLES game from Speaking of Speech.

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