It's Here! The FB Frenzy for The Frog Prince!

We are soooo excited to bring you a book companion FB Frenzy! Just download all 18(!) items, and you'll have therapy items for PK-secondary for The Frog Prince and The Frog Prince, Continued.

Click on the map to go to a Google doc which will allow you to click on the links.
Or, start at All Y'all Need: Family Business. Look for the SLP Frenzy on the left and click away!

A few helpful tips - first, download on your computer or make sure you have an appropriate program for saving the downloads on your device. Second, the FB tabs are now on the left side of the page. Third, have fun and enjoy! And fourth, share the frenzy on social media! The frog prince turns back into a frog at 10 p.m. on Monday.

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