Five for Friday

We are linking up with Kacey at Doodlebugs.    I know it is really Saturday.    But I do not know how to do a linky.   I needed extra time.

We did a blog, logo, TpT store makeover!    
Our designer is the incredible Parker at PJ's Design Laboratory.    
We appreciate all of his hard work to make the three of us happy, happy, happy!

I got the chance to share one of my favorite new books with the sweeties this week.    
Last week, we read Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale and illustrated by Guy Francis in Kindergarten.   This week....we dared!     
That is right we dared to share and danced our best little funky Sharky Dance with a hip and a hop.   
We are HUGE fans of Clark and Miss Inkydink.

First observation of the year is over.    It was not a formal evaluation by a boss.    
Beginning in August, we have two of the sweetest, youngest and cutest librarians as our fearless leaders in LibraryLand.    
One came over to observe me this week.   
She is like Miss Amazing Librarian.  
She got to see a few of different sessions.   
And because she is adorable, Miss Amazing Librarian joined right in on the funky sharky dance. 
And because she is such a professional, she wrote me a very nice note afterwards.   
And because she is a leader, she sent an awesome note to my principal.   
I know.   Amazing.
We also got to read one my favorite fall books to read.    
Nancy Carlson has lots of books on my go-to-shelf.    
You know, the shelf that has books that everyone loves, no exception.    
Louanne Pig tries out for cheerleader.   Arnie tries out for football.    
But Louanne is better at tackling and passing.    
Arnie is an expert jumper.   
Dot, dot dot... 
The kids loved it!   I love a happy ending!

You know I love a little, or a lot, of "Dancing with the Stars".  
It returned this week.    So, I watched it on Monday.   Then, I tuned in again on Tuesday.   
On Wednesday, there was no dancing.   There were no stars.    
I don't even have a clue who a bunch of the dancing stars are this season.
I do not even care.   
I will be tuned in next Monday to see more stars and more dancing.

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