$10 and 10 Minutes

Instagram and Pinterest are such great resources! This project is something from both.
There are some very savvy shopper teachers on Instagram. So when I saw pictures of dry-erase pockets at the Target Dollar Spot, I went and grabbed 6. Hopefully, I won't have a bigger group than that because three days later, my Target was out of the pockets.

Onto the markers. Last year, Lisa saw an idea on Pinterest for using pompoms as built-in erasers on dry-erase markers. My idea was to glue on the pompoms so that students put the cap on the end of the marker and then just  turn it over to erase. But Lisa said the pompoms actually go on the other end because the caps pop off during erasing. Lisa makes her students put the caps aside. And Lisa teaches Kg and knows, so now I have two sets.
The pockets were $6 and the pompoms were less than $4 at Michael's with my coupon. Not too bad for something I can use all year!

Here's how. Last February, I realized that a lot of my students were having difficulty asking questions. I started implementing a lot of Ask Away activities. Here's an example of an /r/ Ask Away activity in a dry-erase pocket:
There are two rows of small pictures at the top and a set of 24 pictures to guess from. One student chooses a picture, in this case, the doctor. The student can circle the small picture or the big picture. It doesn't matter because no one else will know. My 2nd-graders and older usually just mentally choose their picture.

The other students in the group ask yes/no questions to try to guess the picture. In this case, the question was, "Is it a person?", so all of the "no" answers have been crossed out by using the dry-erase marker on top of the pocket:
We keep on going with questions until only one picture is left. Language students get practice with asking and answering questions, artic students have to ask questions with their sounds, and fluency students practice strategies.

Yes, I need a color printer for this project. But I don't need laminating! I can just print, insert and go!

One project down, about a million more to go...

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