All Y'all Need: Meet Amy

Congrats to Bethany!

Welcome to our 1-year anniversary of working together! The ALL in All Y'all Need is an acronym, and we are taking three days to celebrate, one day for each of us!

For the first day, meet Amy. She's on the left.
Amy is my sister - younger sister, she will quickly point out. Which I will rebut by just 2 years... Amy is a librarian. I am very proud of my sister. She was named her district's Employee of the Year several years ago! That's a great honor, but what I'm really impressed with is her heart and dedication.

Amy works in a school that serves PK-2. It's one of the the older schools in her district, and it also has a low SES population. Whenever I visit her and we are out in the community, we run into her fellow teachers, parents and students, and it is so apparent that everyone loves her.

Amy's big push is READING, and she started young. For Career Day in 3rd grade, she dressed up as a librarian, not a teacher. She was specific about that. Then, she carried out her dream, got her Master's and went to work. She has gone to read in PPCD classes, worn Velcro vests with story characters, loved on special needs kids, and has become practically a member of one family after she mentored the two kids.

Here are a few more things:
* Amy loves rubber ducks and has quite a collection. She will never have a collection of turtles, though, after that one incident when a turtle chased her.
* If I ever have to know anything about pop culture, I will call on Amy and her extensive knowledge thanks to years of reading People magazine.
* Amy's love language is presents. Good for me because she's always giving, bad for her because that's not my language. She even refers to Dropbox as Giftbox because it's a better term for her.
* She has gotten our mother to mentor at her school and for our parents' church to adopt her school, which means the staff gets all kinds of treats and breakfasts.
* When one of the students she mentored got into trouble in school, his father wasn't upset until he learned his son was in trouble with Ms. Amy. Don't worry - it all worked out and the student is doing great now!
* Amy loves my kids, her nephew and niece, and spoils them rotten.

I could go on for days about Amy, but I think you get the idea.

To celebrate, each one of us has a freebie and a giveaway of one of out store's items. Here's a picture of Amy's freebie. Just go to All Y'all Need to download Chalk One Up for Reading and print out!
Amy's giveaway is Orange You Smart: All about Fruits and Veggies. This is a fantastic almost 200-page packet that includes fiction and non-fiction elements.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for celebrating Day 1 with us!

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