Tuesday Talk: Introducing Amy!

As part of the new daily topics, welcome Amy, the greatest sister in the world!

Hey there!   It’s Amy.   I’m Laura’s little sister and I will be sharing a touch of the fun & frivolous on Tuesdays.    Laura assigned this little task and gave me free reign.....at least I didn’t hear any restrictions.

Do y’all collect anything?   I mean besides loose change in the bottom of your favorite purse?   I’m talking about collecting something on purpose. Here’s a few friends I have collected.   They want to say hi:
Queenie is royalty. She just expects you to say hi.

Cupcake loves birthdays. Cutie Pie likes to accessorize...always in pink. Cupid’s favorite month is February.
London speaks French, so we have a communication problem.

Hot Stuff just joined us.   The temperature really was 77’ today.   That may, or may not, be Hot Stuff ready to order at Sonic Drive-In.

So, now you know what I collect.   What is your collection?    I’d love to know.

I’ll be talking, or quacking, with you next Tuesday.   Unless Laura thinks my post drags down the quality rating of her blog.

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  1. I collect Potato Heads! At my old school, I had a large room with great shelves on the wall, so I had them displayed. Now they're in a box in the closet, but I have a TON of potato heads!


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