Thursday Therapy: Presidents' Week

This week started out with an in-service day on Monday. Last week was Valentine's Week, so I decided to make this week Presidents' Week. I figured the students need to know why they didn't come to school on Monday!

Arthur Meets the President worked for Kg-3rd, along with Functional Academics. 4th and 5th grades are mostly artic, so I do traditional games with them and drill, drill, drill. After reading the book, we played a Game to Go from Linguisystems, Country-City-Beach Bear. I admit, it's a stretch. But we talked about the different areas in the United States. Language students worked on sentences - the windmill goes with the country bear, for example - and there was a lot of /s/ and /r/ practice for the students who needed it. Plus, there are take-home sheets. If I don't send home communication once a week, I have parents who complain, so I love this part of the game.

I have two activities for tomorrow and Friday. The first is Presidents: Listening Comprehension Activity from Jenna Rayburn that I bought during her Presidents Day Sale. The second is an American flag glyph from Glyph Girls. I spent $6 for two products with a lot of content.

Next week will be a focus on fairy tales with these books:
I will let you know about activities. Hey, just planning the books is a head start for me!

My notebook had a blowout recently. Yes, I still keep a notebook. About 10 years ago, we started computerizing all of our records. We were told that if we just bit the bullet and put in all of the information the first year, the work would be done and everything would carry over. Shampoo, rinse, and repeat that same message for 9 years. We've changed programs twice and have yet to achieve reliable reports with ARD and evaluation dates and student data. If you have a program you like, please let me know. I would love to just print everything out instead of hand-logging.

Anyway, my notebook is a little full. So I used an all-purpose fixer, duct tape.
It's not real straight, but I think it will make it the rest of the school year.

Here's the leopard print duct tape on my bookshelf. It was my daughter's idea because the ribbon was boring. Did  I mention that she's 14 and knows everything? Really, she helped me out a lot getting the speech room ready.

Hope you're having a great week!

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