Wild Wednesday: Thank You to Teachers!

On Friday, I heard a kindergarten teacher outside of my door say, “I’ll change places with you”. Horrified, I slowly turned around to see she was talking to someone else. I was glad, because there is no way I could be a classroom teacher. Here is why.

About 2 minutes later, a 1st-grade teacher asked me to watch her class while she ran a copy of something. All of the students were sitting quietly at their desks working. The teacher was gone for about 41.273 seconds. During this brief time, two of the students I see for speech got up because that's what they do when I come to the door. Another cutie pie walked up to me and just smiled. And the fourth student tugged at my sleeve and asked to go to the bathroom. I told him to wait for his teacher. “Where is she? Is she gone forever? When is she coming back? She’s here, I know! Can’t I just go? I really need to go!” The teacher walked back to my deer-in-the-headlights look and laughed.

I have the highest respect for classroom teachers. I couldn’t do it. Here’s a big thank you to all the teachers out there!

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