Tuesday Talk: The Oscars

It’s me, Amy.  It’s time for me to quack about the Oscars.   

So, the Oscars are over.   Did your favorites win?    Anything you were upset about?

I loved all the musical performances.   And the dancing, I'm a fan.    What are your thoughts?

Can you believe Catherine Zeta-Jones?   Wasn’t “Chicago” a movie from more than 10 years ago?   She didn’t miss a beat.

I was cheering for this guy.    I wasn’t picky for what category he won.    Surprise, surprise...Ryan wasn’t nominated!    In my opinion, the Academy screwed up!
I didn’t see “Argo”.   I’m happy it won, though.   Ben Affleck knows how to give a great acceptance speech.   Ben’s grown up from his “Good Will Hunting” days.  I did love that movie.    “Argo” is on my list to see.   
I was happy Jennifer Lawrence won!   Yay!    She was also best on my best dressed list.    She made me laugh and cry in her movie.   I thought she was fantastic.   And, she IS Katniss.   Then, she tripped.   Oh my goodness!  Someone help that girl up the stage, please.  

And, another favorite, Mrs. Anne Hathaway.   Loved "Les Mis".   Loved her dress for the Oscars.   Her solo, you know the one, broke my heart.

I’m always rooting for any movie dealing with Lincoln (since we share the same birthday).  Daniel Day-Lewis was our 16th President in the movie.    He was AH-mazing.   I don’t care how many Oscars Mr. Daniel Day-Lewis wins.   I’ll even stop counting.

I didn’t see any of the other big category winners.   I’m slacking.   I realize that fact.   Maybe I shouldn’t have gone to see “Bernie” four times.   Yep, four times, at the movie theater.   It was my summer fun-go-to-activity.   Go to the movie to see “Bernie”.   I downloaded the movie from iTunes.    Sometimes, it's nice to just watch a little "Bernie".
So, I guess that leaves best dressed.    Really, just my favorites.   I don’t know anything about fashion.   That is Lisa’s department.   I just am telling you what I liked.    You already know I liked dresses worn by Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway.

So, now Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Garner and the First Lady of the United States.   Wasn’t that super cool????

The men?   Well, gotta go with classic, Oscar-winning George.   He’s simply golden.

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