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From Amy, who is still celebrating her birthday 10 days later. But I'm not judging. She's the queen of the baby club and gets to make her own rules! Her first favorite of the week is a beautiful cake made by her dear friend Rosa. It tasted as good as it looks!

Amy does celebrate other people, too!   She was happy to see Robin Roberts back to work on Good Morning America!    Of course, she doesn't get to actually watch the show due to that thing called a job.   But way to go, Robin!    Way to be a brave, intelligent, determined, beloved, cool talented, and classy lady.

Oh, Amy is back to birthdays.     Her own birthday that is.    Here is the gorgeous handmade quilt from her bff Carol Ann the Crochet Crackerjack!   Apparently, this birthday Amy just sat back and let her friends make something for her.  But don't you think a certain part of this cozy blankie looks like my blog?    Just sayin'.

My (Laura) Friday Faves are:

My first fave is from Pam Dahm of {Chit Chat and Small Talk}.  I discovered Pam's insightful blog last summer.  In this week's post, Pam talks about how much she has learned in a year.   I can relate to much of what she says.

It appears Amy is not the only one thinking about cake this week!   My second Friday Fave is Texas Sheet Cake.   My wonderful diag shared some with the school this week, and I got to see my grad student's face light up when she had her first bite.   She's from New Jersey and the cake was new to her.   My favorite recipe is from {Pioneer Woman}.

Here are Lisa's faves of the week:    
In anticipation of March Madness (What she missed the memo that Amy is still celebrating her February birthday?   Shhh, don't let Amy know.), Lisa chose clip art from TpT.   Ashley Hughes' adorable basketball kids are her pick.   Lisa is a huge basketball fan and Lisa knows these cute hoopsters will be perfect for your classroom activities.

Lisa came across a new graphics store on TpT.   She was excited by just the name alone!   It's called Glitter Meets Glue Designs.   Lisa dreams in glitter, so this store is perfect for her.   Lisa says the graphics are adorable and full of GLITTER.   And Lisa is pretty sure, if they met in real life, she and GMGD would be best friends.

Proof positive of that fact, Lisa's motto is:

Hope your Friday faves might have a little cake or sparkle in them!

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