Monday Meals: Rachael Ray's Garlic Bread

With the help of my sister Amy and my cousin Lisa, I am going to try to attempt to post daily. Here's the first post, Monday Meals. I'll share how a recipe I pinned worked out for me.

Here's the pin, Rachael Ray's Garlic Bread:
                                 Source: via Laura on Pinterest

I know that garlic bread is kind of copping out, but I have a wonderful husband. And he cooks. And he grew up with an Italian mom. And he likes pasta and was already planning on making it tonight.

The recipe is favorably reviewed and easy to make. Here's how mine turned out:

I'm not too much on mincing parsley. The family wasn't as excited about the bread as the reviewers on Food Network.

The Good: easy

The Bad: no one raved over it

Summary: will probably stick with HEB frozen garlic bread

I'll leave you with a shot of my hubby, the fabulous spaghetti chef:

Come back tomorrow to see what Tuesdays will be!

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  1. I was about to pin this the other day, glad you tried it out! PS, totally jealous that your husband cooks! The only thing my husband cooks is grilled cheese! lol!


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