Write and Say the Room: Back to School

Congrats to Sue B!

Looking for ways to incorporate speech/language with reading, writing, and movement? Introducing Write and Say the Room: Back to School from All Y'all Need!
Write the Room is used in many classrooms. Words are hung up around the room, and students walk around with clipboards and recording sheets to find words with, for example, the long ee sound or vocabulary words. This seemed to be a great activity to adapt to speech/language!

This unit includes a directions page. If your space is small, like mine, the words can be hung up as a word wall. If you have a space that's bigger, scatter the words around and let students walk around!

There is a list of at least 10 words for the following sounds: f/v (combined), k/g (combined), l, r, s/z (combined) and sh/ch/th (combined). For artic, ask students to find words with their sound. For language, incorporate vocabulary and ask students to find something we write with, something we do at school, etc.
The packet includes two options for recording sheets, both in B&W, easy for making copies! The first recording sheet can be copied and cut apart. The second recording sheet (not shown) is one full page for students who need more space to write. The recording pages have directions for home practice that can be checked and a parent signature for home practice.
There are 14 pages of cards to print out and cut apart, plus 3 empty cards for personalizing.
Look for more seasonal Write and Say the Room activities coming soon!

Write and Say the Room: Back to School is $3. Since we are introducing this packet, we are also running a giveaway. Thanks for taking a look, and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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