All Y'all Need: Meet Laura

Congrats to giveaway winner Danielle F!

Today's my day. I'm Laura, the first L in the All of All Y'all Need.
Here are a few things about me:
* I'm a firstborn, a bossy firstborn according to Amy and Lisa.
* I have a wonderful husband and two awesome teens. My son is almost 18, getting ready for his senior year, and taking college visits. Yikes! My daughter is 15 and is asking for the car keys at every available moment now that she has her permit.
* We love, love, love to go to Disneyworld. We are planning our 5th family trip since 2006. That's not as much as some people, but I think it beats the average. The picture above is me and my hubby at Via Napoli, one of our favorite restaurants at Epcot.
* I'm starting my 21st year as an SLP. I have a special place in my heart for the /r/ kids because I was one. When I was much younger, only my mom could understand me, so I can only guess that I had final consonant deletion, blend reduction or fronting, or possibly some combination.
* I've been with the same district for my whole career. Not only that, I've been at the same school! Although I've worked at other schools in the district, one stands out. I served a school in the middle of our town. In 1999, that school closed as an elementary, and the whole staff moved out to a brand new school, including me, and I'm still there!
* I'm very much a technology immigrant. I'm convinced that HTML stands for Hard to Make for Laura.
* I had a journey with breast cancer last year. There are still a few things I'm dealing with, like follow-ups and chemo brain. I'm looking forward to everything being finished, but it will still be a couple of months.

So that's basically me. Let's get to the freebie. {Freebie} Chalk One Up for Communication has a bright chevron pattern and a chalkboard effect. Just print out and hang up!
For my giveaway, I'm going back to the beginning of our journey. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie: Activities for Thanksgiving was our first big unit, and we all contributed. The packet contains all of the things I love - a good book, vocabulary, scrambled sentences, and a game.
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Thanks for celebrating Day 2 with us!

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