Meet Lisa, a {Freebie}, and a Giveaway!

Congrats to giveaway winner Kelly B!

Lisa is the second L in the All of All Y'all Need. Time to meet our glitter gal! She's on the right of Elvis.
Here are a few things about Lisa:
* On my mom's side, Amy and I were the first two grandchildren. After about 10 years, 3 grandsons came along. Then came Lisa. So she truly was everybody's little princess!
* Lisa is the youngest grandchild and the younger of two kids in her family. She and Amy refer to themselves as the "baby club" because they're the youngest in their families. They have a lot of baby club moments. Like fooling me with zombies.
* Lisa is very talented at making things and making them look good. Last year, she had never made a deco mesh wreath or even looked at a tutorial for one, but she got the materials needed and went to town. I'm envious.
* Lisa is a Texas Tech Red Raider. Guns up! Her favorite Tech item right now is a chevron bag.
* Brinkley is Lisa's dog. He is the most spoiled dog ever! He makes Sonic runs. When it snows, Lisa has to clear off the grass before he will go. He sits at the table during dinner. He thinks he's human!
* Lisa's favorite color is pink, but she's partial to all happy colors.
* Lisa has taught 1st grade, but she seems to have found her home in Kg.

Lisa has made some freebie Kg subway art. There are three pages in different colors - brights, primary, and B&W.
Lisa's giveaway is her fabulous My School Memory Book: August to June. It has 40 pages, and like Lisa, it is really cute!
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Thanks for celebrating these 3 days with us!

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