August 2013 SLP Link Up

I am such a seasonal person. My first contract day is August 19, although I have a few days before that for eSped training. Any tips on that?  And picmonkey has new school themes. So this month's link up goes with the acronym of BTS for Back to School. Buying, Trying, and Speeching. I loved how Jess from the blog Figuratively Speeching used the word Speeching, and Jess was kind enough to share her word.

If you want to play along, the easiest way is to take a screen shot of the image, open it up in {free} picmonkey, and add text. After posting, be sure to click the link at the bottom of this post. You can talk about speech stuff or personal stuff. Or a blend, like I'm doing. Here's mine:
Buying: Our Target Dollar Spot has been great lately! Luckily, they had the dry-erase pockets, but if you didn't get them, Crazy Speech World has a great alternative. I've also gotten a few prize drawer items and some slinkys for visuals to help students stretch out words and sentences. And I have 10 little buckets, but I still got two more. I love them for holding small cards in games and for storing school supplies.

Trying: I can bake. I'm not very good at daily cooking. My husband is much better. But I need to step it up and be a lot more prepared for dinners once school starts.

Speeching: I'm starting year #21. Yikes! I had a major purge at the end of last year and threw out two filing drawers of things I haven't used in three years. That means that I need to actually print out and laminate and organize all of my TpT purchases. Those bundles to help out Moore, OK are huge! So many fun things!

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