August Currently

I'm joining Farley's Currently over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade, and I hope she allows school SLPs in addition to teachers!

Listening: My love for Songza continues. I turn on 80s music in the morning for the elliptical and then switch to modern worship songs. Hey, it works for me.

Loving: Free dining is a Disney World thing. But after spending a good amount of time on the phone yesterday, it's still on my mind. We didn't get the hotel we wanted, but for lots of food for FREE for our upcoming trip, it's worth it!

Thinking: Our custodial staff is short, and they are just now waxing the floors. Which means - No Getting Into the School Until They Are Finished! Well, I can get into my hallway, but not the workroom, the copy room, or even the main office. And not the restroom, either. The floors looked fine before the waxing. Do we really have to do that? I need to get things together!

Wanting: I have tons to print out. There were two TpT bundles to help SLPs in Moore, OK after the tornadoes, and I bought both. They aren't doing any good just sitting on my computer, and the secretary frowns when I print over 50 pages.

Needing: Most of the positions in our district are filled. There are still two SLP positions open. Not sure what we are going to do. If you know any SLPs moving to Central Texas, email me!

B2s must haves:
1. paper clips - fortunately, our Special Ed department has some wonderful clerks to complete our paperwork - mailing, copying, uploading, etc. That means that when I turn things in, they need to be paper clipped, not stapled. And my clerk only likes plain paper clips. I tried to brighten her day with fun colors and shapes, and she kept a pile of them and returned them to me. Sad.
2. a technology brain - I'm learning my fourth data software program, and I am far, far, far from a technology native, as my own two teens constantly remind me. eSped is up on the training table.
3. B2s brings fall weather, right? Okay, I'm in Texas. Fall weather won't happen till November. But I can hope, right?

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