Tuesday Talk with Amy: First School Day

Tuesday Talk with Amy

It was the first school day with kids today.    I have forgotten what that whole experience is like.    Even though this is certainly not my first rodeo.    I gave lots of hugs today.    I saw lots of smiles from kids and teachers.    It was a great day.

Here are a few goodies I am looking forward to using this year:
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And this was a hit last year:

And this is brand new to me:

And these are awesome to the maximum level:

And this, well I am crossing my fingers will help the sweeties with book care.     In the last few years it seems like I am failing at teaching book care.    While it never used to be this hard of a concept.....it is now.    So, I came up with an I Can Statement Book about taking care of books.     It can be used for the school library, classroom library or even textbooks.   Please, oh please, let this help with book care lessons.   (yes, plural)

Now, onto to conquer Day 2.    I think it is going to be a loooooooooonnnnnnngggggg week.    And I wish everyone a wonderful year,

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