TEKS for SLPs - Kindergarten

I may have mentioned I'm a Texan. No? Well, howdy! And Texas is not a Common Core state. We have our own guidelines called TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

And did I mention that I'm learning my fourth data management system? Yep. And while I have high hopes for this system, I'm not entirely familiar with it. And I have to align TEKS to IEPs, which no previous system did despite promises. So I went old school and made myself a checklist and a breakdown of the TEKS I use the most.

Introducing TEKS for SLPs - Kindergarten!
It's a 43-page packet, and it's all in black-and-white for easy printing.
Inside are two main sections, with the first one being a list of TEKS that most closely relate to speech/language. Expectations have blanks before them. I like to keep mine in sheet protectors in a binder. Then, I can check the blanks with a dry-erase marker, write the IEP, erase the marks, and start on the next student! Here's a sample:
And here is one of the Extras pages that breaks down vocabulary. The items with an asterisk are specifically mentioned in TEKS. There is also plenty of space to make your own notes.
I'm so happy that I have a TEKS resource to check when writing IEPs! I'm a little nerdy like that. Okay, a lot nerdy.

TEKS for SLPs - Kindergarten is available through All Y'all Need for $7. And yes, it's included in our BTS sale starting Aug. 18 for 20% off. Then use the code BTS13 at checkout for an additional discount! You can also enter our giveaway, but hurry! It ends Sunday morning. Thanks for taking a look!
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