New Products for the BTS Sale!

All Y'all Need is participating in the big BTS sale at TpT! And we've posted a few new items so you can get the discount!
If you like Reader's Theater, you'll love these three sets that combine information and fun! Each set is based on high-frequency words and includes an extra class activity. And, each set is focused on topics required by TEKS.

Informative Reader's Theater Set 1: Weather and Seasons includes 75+ pages of four plays for The Four Seasons, Hurricanes, The Tornado, and Weather. The Four Seasons comes with a graphing activity, and the other three include graphic organizers. $7, $5.60 on sale.

Informative Reader's Theater Set 2: Plants and Rocks includes 60+ pages of three plays for A Plant's Life, A Plant's Parts, and Are You Ready to Rock? A Plant's Life and Are You Ready to Rock? include graphic organizers, and A Plant's Part includes a labeling activity. $5, $4 on sale.

Holidays July to December Informative Reader's Theater (set 1) includes 250+ pages of 14 holidays! Each set comes with a class activity. Holidays included are: Independence Day, Labor Day, Constitution Day, Johnny Appleseed Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Day of the Dead/Dias los Muertos, Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Poinsettia Day, Christmas, and Kwaanza. $12.00, $9.60 on sale.

Two more products addressing TEKS are TEKS for SLPs - Kg and TEKS for SLPs - 1st Grade. Align your IEP goals and objectives with TEKS with these resources! Each set is $7, $5.60 on sale.

And for everyone is a set created by Amy, the librarian, about book care! I Can Take Care of Books is full of I Can statements so your books stay in top shape! $3, $2.40 on sale.

Remember to use the code BTS13 at checkout to get an additional discount from TpT! Have fun shopping, and thanks for taking a look!

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