Informative Reader's Theater Holidays July to December

Congrats to giveaway winner Danielle F!

Amy has been hard at work on some Reader's Theater projects. First up is Holidays July to December.
I love these sets! First, the 14 sets focus on information. Second, the dialog is based on high-frequency words. Third, each set contains an activity to go along with the Reader's Theater. Fourth, each set contains each set in B&W and color. Fifth, the sets have not only the well-known holidays but also the not-so-famous ones that are required by TEKS, like Constitution Day. 

Holidays July to December contains 250+ pages. Here's what you get:

Independence Day: script plus a Noun/Verb Sort Activity

Labor Day: script plus main idea activity

Constitution Day: script plus graphic organizer

Johnny Appleseed Day: script plus Apple Life Cycle labeling activity

Columbus Day: script plus graphic organizer

Halloween: script plus 1 Halloween safety graphic organizer

Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos: scripts plus main idea activity

Election Day: scripts plus election activity (includes ballots and recording sheets)

Veterans Day: scripts plus Patriotic Punctuation game

Thanksgiving: scripts plus craftivity What We Know About Thanksgiving

Hanukkah: scripts plus What We Know about Hanukkah recording sheet and What We Know about a Menorah recording sheet

Poinsettia Day: scripts plus Fact and Opinion Activity

Christmas: scripts plus an ABC Order Activity

Kwanzaa: scripts plus labeling activity

Informative Reader's Theater Holidays July to December is a deal at $12. We are also running a giveaway. Thanks for taking a look, and good luck!

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