Thursday Therapy: First Week of 2013-14

Well, I'm exhausted! The first week always increases my appreciation of classroom teachers. I have laid eyes on a few kids but not done any therapy yet, and I'm still hitting the bed before the sun sets! Not exactly... but close!

So this year I am at two schools. I am supervising a licensed assistant at one. All of the licensed assistants I've supervised have been great. This one was a teacher in 1st and 2nd grades, so she is the first licensed assistant I've had who brings classroom experience in. I got a peek of it today. She has always been the classroom teacher scheduling, and she got to be on the other side of it. And she got it done!

The other school I am serving is a brand-new elementary. The last elementary I opened was in 1999. I forgot how much it takes. Tomorrow morning is scheduling for the school. I'm using the post-its method I talked about in Speech Therapy: Scheduling. I'm making a few changes. The main one is my breakfast goodies are from HEB and aren't homemade.

Here are two pictures that I think summarize my week. The first (blurry) one shows my wall in the new elementary. The second one shows that Mavalus tape isn't so marvelous. I get things done, namely making student lists, hit a few snags, and then keep on going. Hopefully, I'm more in the going phase now!

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