Love It and List It Linky: Organization

Jenna at Speech Room News has a new link for organization!
Here are three ways I organize. First, I combined two ideas - putting card decks in a shoe holder and putting card decks on a binder ring. Here's the big picture:

And a close-up of my labels and rings:
I first saw the rings at TSHA at the Super Duper booth, and that is the best thing I have ever spent time organizing! I love how the cards stay together.

Second, a diag I used to work with kept her folders she was working on in a small container on her desk. I loved it and copied it. Only the things I need most often and are currently working on live in this container. The folders aren't hidden in a drawer or in a stack.

If you're not from Texas, just substitute "IEP" for "ARD".

The third way is from Amy, my librarian sister. She organized my books alphabetically by author's last name going from left to right on the first two shelves. The third shelf is seasonal books from New Year's Day to Christmas.
These are a few things that work for me. What works for you?

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