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Today we are linking up with the adorable Kacey
My kindergarten sweeties made their promise to take care of their library books.
They start taking library books home in October.
I make a BIG deal about promises.
We take our time signing our names on the promise page.
The promise page says,
"I promise to take care of my library books".
I take their photo making their promise.
After they check out their book, I give them a book bag.
This year's book bag says,
"I {heart} BOOKS"
The big production makes the sweeties very happy.
The promise page can be found our I Can Take Care of Books pack in our TpT store.
Do you have your own laminator?
I was late to the party.
Lisa has one.
But I was on the fence, do I really need one or can I live without one?
One gift card to Wal-Mart later.
I own a Scotch laminator.
Two words of advice:
treat yourself.

You will be so happy that the school laminator with low-rent laminate does not eat your stuff.
Or wrinkle it.
Or peel in less than an hour because it does not seal properly.
Or you need something today and the laminator is broken.
I am pretty sure I have mentioned before how much I watch, ah-hem, learn from Periscope.
Here is one thing I learned from Jess The Whimsical Teacher.
Jess is so energizing and entertaining!
She shared www.checkiday.com.
I have been loving celebrating with the sweeties some of the
odd-duck days.
We had a blast on Dot Day.
We learned about met Elmer and learned about elephants on National Elephant Day.
I also spent a little time "Under the Sea".
Laura and I had seen "The Little Mermaid" in Dallas awhile back.
This past weekend, I saw it again in Austin.
It was just as fantabulous the second time!
And Trudy's is always a delicious place to eat if you ever find yourself in Austin.
I have a movie recommendation for you, too.
If you are looking for a movie, go see "The Intern".
It has the talented Anne Hathaway as the boss of a start up company.
Her senior intern is none other than Robert DeNiro.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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