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Wicked soundtrack.
For Good.

Ok, so it is still very hot temperature wise here in Texas.
Like in the high 90's.
And the AC continues to get work out every day.
But there is a chance we might cool off sometime before December.
And I like fall decorations.
Bring on the pumpkins!

What will I be for Halloween?
Our team has kinda-sorta-maybe agreed to dress up the same this year.
This doesn't always happen.
It still may not happen.
Stay tuned.
Our school hosts a huge Halloween parade!
And the kids come looking amazing.
It is a fun day.
There may or may not be candy involved.
Trick or Treat, folks?
I pick treat.

New iPhone 6S
Just because I have a 5.
My name is Amy.
I suffer from #phoneenvy.

To get organized for our upcoming book fair.
Our book fair has traditionally been the Tuesday to Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving Break.
This year we get a Fall Break!
Say what?
Yep, students and staff will be breaking free for a week-long Turkey Treat of a Week.
So, book fair is now the week of Halloween.
I do like to host our book fair around holidays.
Truthfully, I like to host them around pay day even more.
So, I need to quit thinking that our Fall Book Fair will be in November.
I mean seriously, the book fair is this very month!

I heard there were Pumpkin Oreos at the store.
I have not been looking.

We love linking up with Farley each month.
Check out her blog to see what she is up to.
But even better, we love seeing Farley in person.

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