Fun Fall-Themed Artic Ideas with The Frenzied SLPs!

 The Frenzied SLPs
Hi, and welcome to a round-up of Fun Fall-Themed Articulation Ideas with The Frenzied SLPs! Be sure to visit all the great ideas starting at Doyle Speech Works.

Well, it's a balmy 95 degrees here in October in Central Texas, and I am ready for some cooler temps! We've had a few, but they haven't stayed very long. Still, fall is my favorite season. I love the ideas of fall foliage, blankets and hot chocolate at football games, and the start of fireplace season, but my reality is green leaves, brown grass, and sunscreen.

So to pretend I'm in a fall-ish area and to teach my students that there are actually four seasons - Texas usually claims summer and three days of winter - I bring out the leaves, scarecrows, and pumpkins with Write & Say the Room: Autumn!
 Autumn Write & Say the Room by All Y'all Need
My students love this activity. Fall words are posted all around the room. Most are on the wall, like the top picture. Others are placed a little more sneakily, like under the table. And I copied my licensed assistant's idea of "camouflaging", like the card on the boy's head on our rules poster.

Students get a clipboard, pencil, and a paper to write down either 10 words with their artic sounds or vocabulary words. (I use the cute clipboard from The Speech Owl. My students use cheap-y clipboards from Wal-Mart). My room is small, but students get to move around. Of course, some finish faster than others. This gives me time to go over words with them individually. Students who are at the sentence level write sentences on the back. And the best part? Students are doing their own homework!
 Bats Facts and Opinion by All Y'all Need
My sister Amy makes wonderful Fact & Opinion activities, and one of my favorites is all about bats. While this activity is great for language students, I also use it for artic students. Students who are readers and at the sentence or reading level read their cards with speech sounds. Students who are younger or who are at the word level listen to the card then practice words with their speech sounds.

In between turns, students are writing facts and opinions on the recording sheet and underlining words with speech sounds. Again - students do their own homework!

Hope you are having a Happy Fall, Y'all! Be sure to check out more ideas at the links below! And for bloggers linking up:

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