5 for Friday: Happy Halloween

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I have a true confession.
I do not love to decorate my library.
Not even for Book Fair.
I know some of you are completely talented and make your rooms gorgeous!
I hang up a few things and call it good.
But this year for our Book Fair, I heard it was a monster theme.
Then, I started thinking.....I have some A-d-O-r-A-b-L-e monster clip art from
Creative Clips.
I got inspired to decorate this year.
Our Book Fair was already scheduled this week.
I think we might just have a monster-themed Book Fair next October, too.
Just keeping it real.
Check out our blog next week for specifics on book fair decor.
 I think y'all know that Laura loves DisneyWorld.
I mean, Lisa and I love Disney, too.
But we cannot hold a candle to Laura.
Laura's feet on are on Disney property as you are reading this.
Unless she is on the awesome ride, Soarin' at Epcot!
Lucky Laura!
Laura and her family are joining up with Minnie, Belle, Donald and Goofy for
Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.
And Laura is already planning our July trip to Disney for the
TpT Conference year 3!
Lisa and her PreK Peeps are having so much fun with their sweeties!
Can you spy Goldilicious?
That is our adorable Lisa.
Of course, you recognize Goldilicious is hanging out with her friends
Pinkalicious and Silverilicious.
And I am a witch this year for Halloween.
If you missed it, I shared my favorite Halloween memories last Friday.
I love the witch's hat Lisa got for me years ago.
It is beautiful!
Here I am with one of my favorite little Minions!
I am lucky to have met many authors and illustrators over the years.
Some write books for children, while others write books for adults.
But some authors are in a league of their own.
Such is Mr. Bill Martin, Jr.
I was at a Professional Development Week hosted by 
Bill Martin Jr. over 20 years ago.
The experience was so much fun.
Laura was there, too.
One afternoon, Mr. Martin dimmed the lights to the school auditorium.  
Next, the magic began.
He performed his story "The Ghost-Eye Tree" by walking slowly, 
speaking confidently while holding a flashlight in his hand.
I was familiar with the story.
But on this day, I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next.
Mr. Martin made his words come alive that afternoon.
Thank you, Mr. Martin for that wonderful memory.
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Happy Halloween, folks!

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