Halloween-Themed Language Tricks & Activities!

The Frenzied SLPs are coming together to talk about
 The Frenzied SLPs
Let's start out with a trick. Two years ago, I fell in love with the Year-o-graphy series from Simple Stories and went a little crazy putting it in my room. I had some stickers left over, some plain buckets from Target - and bam! A little work makes a fun game container for students!
What goes in the bucket? Game cards. Lots and lots of game cards. Especially from Linguisystems' Games to Go. I haven't used Pumpkin Games in a while, but I have a stubborn /h/ omitter, and this game is great for saying "My pumpkin has...". Plus - it has a homework page!
Of course, I have to have some books. Back in the mid-1990s, I wasn't sure what I was going to be doing the next day in therapy, so I headed to my then-version of Amazon Prime, the small book store in the mall. The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything was there, and I'm now on my second book since the first one finally fell apart from so much use. I love the repetition and sound effects, and it's always been a big hit with students. I'll also be using some interactive books, like Where Is Pumpkin? from Jenna Rayburn.
I bought this spider web at The Dollar Tree. It came with glow-in-the-dark spiders, but those are long gone. Thank goodness for Target - again! Target had these great colorful spiders. We get in real-life practice with spatial concepts  - on top, in the middle, etc. And putting spiders actually under the web is always a lot of fun! Students get to touch the fuzzy web. 
And here's a storage trick. I only use the spider web one week out of the year, It doesn't need to be front-and-center. I store it in my big cabinet on the top shelf - above a plastic container for clothespins and fabric I don't use very often and below wax paper and baggies. Out of those, I use the baggies the most, so they are the easiest to reach - just open the doors and grab. The spider web involves opening the doors, moving the top stuff, and then getting the web. Since it's out all week, I don't mind an extra step in retrieving and storing it. But if it were on top of my more-used baggies, that would get annoying. Store materials according to how much you use them.
And here's what I'm making this week. Trick or Treat Spatial Concepts and for early next week, Dia de los Muertos, A Wh- Game.  As the cultural presence of  Dia de los Muertos increases, I want my students to know why they are seeing decorated skulls in Wal-Mart and HEB.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to look at the other wonderful ideas linked up below! You can start at Doyle Speech Works.

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