Five for Friday: Oct. 2

Hello, cooler temps! We are getting out the fall clothes here in Central Texas since the temps have dipped into the high 80's! And, we're linking up with

Amy suggested a Fairy Tales week, so I pulled out Hansel and Gretel.
I had many students who had never heard this tale.
Some recognized it as I read the story.
Others connected the book to a movie.
So it was a nice mix of a little familiar and new.
Even to me.
I never knew the step-mother and witch were the same person.
And I had a lot of questions about this story.
What father goes along with his wife's plan to kill the children?
Kinda dark.
Why would the step-mom/witch go to all that trouble to get the children when she already had them at their house?
In this book, a white bird leads the lost children to the candy cottage. And reappears after they escape the witch, and they follow the bird home.
Seriously? I would not be following that bird a second time!
Back to the topic at hand.
The Frenzied SLPs once had a candy frenzy with freebies.
I had a broken wrist and couldn't participate.
SLPTalk helped me out with that frenzy. Give her a visit and a like.
I used the game board by Putting Words in Your Mouth and game cards by GoldCountrySLP, Smart Speech Therapy, and Queen's Speech.
I also used our own Hansel and Gretel unit that Amy made.
 Hansel and Gretel by All Y'all Need
And some activities from the packet from Speech Therapy with Courtney Gragg. (Those are her sequencing cards in the first picture).
Next week, my student will be learning about Squirrels: Fact and Opinion.
 Squirrels Fact and Opinion by All Y'all Need
Students get to practice either reading or listening.
When it's not their turn, they write facts on one page and opinions on the other.
Artic students underline their sounds.
Language students pick out cards with their goals.
Instant homework! Yay!
And yes, squirrels are so annoying. They set up camp in my backyard and taunt my dog. Don't let anyone tell you they are cute and harmless. They are mean!
Amy has a lot of Fire Safety week ideas coming up.
I'll be doing some of those with my younger students.
Be sure to check back here on Monday!
And finally, progress report writing starts next week. Time to bust out these covers to make things easier!
 Progress Report Covers by All Y'all Need

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