5 for Friday

We are taking this Friday's Five for Friday to the spooky side.
Don't worry we are not very spooky.
Check out Kacey's Linky Party at Doodle Bugs Teaching.
Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!
I spy pumpkins.
So, if you love Pumpkin Spice Lattes or Pumpkin Patches, this is your time of year.
We are lucky enough to have a big pumpkin patch within walking distance of our school.
It is a fun, inexpensive field trip for the sweeties.
After the sweeties return to class, we can use our 
Pumpkins: Facts and Opinions lesson to work in some pumpkin-sized content.
See, no spooks here.
The huge Halloween parade is a long-standing tradition for my school.
These photos are from a few years ago.
Can you tell I live in Texas?
Our phenomenal coaches loved their colleges (Longhorns & Aggies) and Halloween.
They literally sewed together jeans and shirts to make their
Gym Divided costume!
These coaches always made Halloween a day to remember for all the sweeties.
Dancing to the "Monster Mash", "One-Eyed Purple People Eater" and "Thriller" 
were just part of the whole parade extravaganza.
Here I am hanging out with some of my favorite school peeps.
We were feeling witchy, not spooky!
Trick or treat?
I love treats.
We have another lesson to treat your sweeties with those oh-so-tricky spatial concepts.
Take a look at our
If you prefer a non-Halloween look at spatial concepts this month,
we have created the Pumpkin Patch Spatial Concepts activity.
Still no spook sighting!
At my last Professional Development, I found some books to add to our library.
I was familiar with author Vicki Cobb.
But I discovered some books I did not own by her.
Such as her The Science Play series.
This series includes:  
I Get Wet (discover the shape of water), 
I See Myself (discover how light bounces), 
I Face the Wind (how you know air is real),
and I Fall Down (all about gravity).

My favorite find of the day is Summer Birds: The Butterflies of Maria Merian.
Maria was a little girl who refused to believe that insects were evil and came from the mud.
A wonderful biography of a young girl scientist.
Clip art is a definite treat for me.
Here are some of my most recent finds on TpT:

Glitter Meets Glue has a {freebie} that I love called Glitter Frames.

I adore Whimsy Clips.
So, I did not resist buying her Monthly Readers.

And to shower a little love on another Texas TpT seller,
I love the pinks, gold, greens and grays Megan mixed together in this set.

Not too spooky at all.
We hope you all have a fantastic Halloween!

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