All Y'all Need on TpT: Big Sale!

TpT is having a great Back to School Sale, and All Y'all Need is participating! We're marking every item 20% off, plus use the code BTS12 at check-out to get another discount!

Bulletin Board Sets
SLPs - if you still need a speech/language touch for your room, bulletin board sets will be $1.60. The sets are designed to go with popular themes. We have Camping, Owls, Groovy, Behavior Incentives, Wall of Fame, and Superheroes.

Speech/Language Checklists
SLPs - ever have teachers stop you in the middle of the hallway and ask you to listen to a student the first week of school?

Teachers - ever want your SLP to see your kid immediately? 

The PK, Kg, 1st and 2nd grade checklists are perfect to hand out to teachers to get some information OR for teachers to give to SLPs. The packages are usually $2 each and are $1.60 each for this sale. The checklists give you basic information on artic, language, voice and stuttering, plus pages for documentation. Go to Pre-Kg, Kindergarten, 1st Grade or 2nd Grade.

Subway Art
Don't forget about the FREE subway art for public school SLPs while you're there! We have several free downloads in colors and black and white.

Plus library and classroom subway art will be just 80 cents! Art comes in bright and primary colors and black & white.


Speech Bubbles for Vocabulary Development, usually $2,  will be $1.60.

One more thing - ever set up your schedule, go to find the student, and the whole class is missing? Consider getting these Where Are We? Cards for your teachers.

Thanks for looking at our store!

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