Speech Therapy: A Freebie from All Y'all Need

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Mark Teague is one of my favorite authors, and I love "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" for starting out my groups. Tomorrow will be the first day with students, the first week will be full of finding where students are and enrolling new ones, and therapy groups will start the next Monday.

My first group sessions are usually pretty informal. First thing is to review the rules. Students can decorate their incentive charts while we talk about what they did last year and goals for this year. Then, we will start sharing summer vacation experiences. I'll bring out this book and activities during the second session of the week.

Because we won't spend a lot of time on this book, this plan is actually more of a mini-unit than the full package deal, so All Y'all Need is offering it as a freebie! Click here to get the download. I realize many of you have already started school, but I'm operating on Texas time. If you like it, go ahead and download now and enjoy being very far ahead for the next school year!

I promise the graphics are not blurry like the picture above. Can anyone tell me why my pins are showing up like this? I've updated Adobe.

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  1. Very cute! Thank you!

    PS, I haven't started yet...Teachers are back tomorrow. Kids go back after Labor day. :)

  2. Carrie, hope you have a great first day back!


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