Summer of 60 Pins, #41: Cute Clothespins

The Pin: I stumbled onto brown paper packages several years ago, and these clothespins were one of the reasons I kept going back.

                               Source: via Laura on Pinterest
They looked pretty easy to make - just trace the clothespin shape onto the wrong side of scrapbook paper, cut out, mod podge and finish with a top coat.

I invited friends over, and we got busy. By this time, I had also seen clothespins decorated and with magnets and thumbtacks on the backs. Since most of us are in public education, the magnetic backs were popular. One friend used thumbtacks and is going to get a cork board for her teen daughter for a picture display in her bedroom. Another one has plans to put the pins on a string in her dorm room and have another display of pictures.

Supplies we used:
clothes pins
scrapbook paper
inks (around the edges of the paper)
magnet strips

Here are some pictures of the results:

The Good: I think everyone had fun. This project was easy to explain and let everyone do their own thing while chatting and watching the Olympics.

The Bad: We found out the self-stick magnetic tape is not strong enough to hold to the clothes pin, but the adhesive worked just fine with both the magnets and thumbtacks.

Summary: Great, cute project!

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  1. Another project from my summer To-Do list! Glad to hear it worked well! Also, I should really get moving on my To-Do list! Lol

  2. I didn't know what this summer was going to hold, and now I think trying to do 60 pins was a little ambitious! But you've done quite a bit and been very busy on your blog.


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