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Sorry for yelling, but I'm bouncing around like a baby monkey on a sugar rush!

All Y'all Need is proud to announce the posting of Turkey Time!
Turkey Time is a thematic unit for Thanksgiving using the book I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie by Alison Jackson and illustrated by Judith Byron Schachner. Turkey Talk is designed for K-2. The thematic units are what prompted the ALL in our title - Amy, Laura (me) and Lisa - to start All Y'all Need, and I'm so, so, so excited to see it posted!

SLP's - keep scrolling down to see our unit with examples and pictures.

First, we have the whole enchilada, Turkey Time: Craft, Glyph, Literacy Centers, Math Centers and Social Skills. Yeah, we might have gone overboard with 130+ pages, but you won't run out of activities! This includes all the literacy, speech and math activities for the unit. It's $15.

In this pack, you get:
-November Facts & Calendar Highlights
-Book Suggestions for Thanksgiving
-Writing Focus: phonological awareness, syllable counting & sentence construction
-Craft: Make Your Very Own Turkey
-Glyph & Data Analysis to go with adorable Turkey Craft
-Whole Group Teaching Ideas: autumn actions (to get your kids moving with action words) & teaching humor with Thanksgiving jokes
-Quick checks for understanding: a great sorting activity involving Foods I like & Foods I Do Not Like
-Social Skills Lesson: taking turns talking during conversation

5 activities to go with our featured book: prediction page, graphing activity, cause/effect activity, comparative illustrations, and story element cards

5 literacy centers:
sentence construction differentiated for K, 1st and 2nd grades
Granny Card Game
Noun Verb Sorting Game
Sequencing: What Granny Ate
Poetry Center

4 math centers: all with recording sheets
odd and evens
doubling numbers
fact families

This is worth your time to look at! This is a savings of $6! If you purchased our three other Thanksgiving units, individually, you would pay over $21
With this packet you get:
-our I Know An Old Lady Speech & Language Packet ($9)
-our Turkey Time Literacy Unit ($8)
-our Turkey Time Math Unit ($4.50 )
and lots unique activities just to this packet!

Don't need the WHOLE thing? Take a look at separate parts.

                                                 Source: via Laura on Pinterest

60 printable pages for your classroom!!! Hands-on activities, resources and whole group instruction ideas are included. Whole group activities and centers are included in this unit. It's $8.

5 activities to go with our featured book, I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie
-prediction page
-graphing activity
-cause/effect activity
-comparative illustrations
-story element cards

5 literacy centers:
-sentence construction differentiated for K, 1st and 2nd grades
-Granny Card Game
-Noun Verb Sorting Game
-Sequencing: What Granny Ate
-Poetry Center

                                                 Source: via Laura on Pinterest

 36 printable pages for your classroom. Hands-on activities are included. $4.50.

4 math centers: all with recording sheets
odd and evens
doubling numbers

fact families
                                        Source: via Laura on Pinterest

This is the speech/language section. It's my second-favorite unit. The big Turkey Time is my favorite! The pack is $9.

In this pack, you get 75 pages of fun!!!!!!

-A fabulous unit focused on the children's book: I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie
- Grade-level lists of speech words and language concepts from the book

-Manipulative sentences differentiated for Kg, 1st and 2nd

-Cause and Effect Game: Tummy Ache to work on sequencing
-Story Elements Cards
-Make Your Own Turkey Craft

-Glyph to go with Turkey Craft

-An open-ended game for up to 8 students, great for targeting individual objectives within the group
-Joking Around: Teaching Humor with Thanksgiving jokes
-Vocabulary Development: Thanksgiving Talk graphic organizers
-It's My Turn to Talk - ideas to work on social skills for Thanksgiving

Here are a couple of examples so you can see some of the activities included.

One of my favorites is an open-ended game, What Granny Ate.
The set includes granny pictures and food items for a group of up to 8 students. Each student gets a granny and then draws food items after taking turns with objectives. Great for targeting individual goals within a group!

My other favorite is manipulative sentences. Each sentence has at least 2 versions, and most have 3. Let me show you.

This is the basic sentence, the old lady swallowed the pie. Sight/Dolch words are written out, and other words have graphics. The student can arrange the sentence...

 and then add punctuation with the editing fixes. Here, it's capitalization and a period.

The sentence can be changed from 'The old lady swallowed the pie" to "The old lady swallowed some cider".

The sentence can also be changed to other things the old lady swallowed using the replacement cards. Here, the sentence is "The old lady swallowed the pot".

All of the swallowed items are included!

The second version of the sentence is arranged in passive voice, "The pie was swallowed by the old lady".

And the third version is the challenge sentence with words only for the original sentence, "The old lady swallowed the pie".
There are 10 sentences, all with similar variations, for Kg and 1st. Imagine how many sentences you can make with these cards! And how many artic sounds can be addressed!

For 2nd grade, the sentences are written words only. This sentence says, "The old lady swallowed some cider and a thanksgiving pie". I just noticed I forgot the capitalization for "thanksgiving", but it's in the packet.
Rearrange the sentence to make "The old lady swallowed a thanksgiving pie and some cider".
There are 5 of these sentences to combine and arrange in many different ways.

I hope you'll take a look. It's our first big product, and if you have any questions or comments, e-mail me at

Don't forget that ALL of items, including these packets, will be 20% off at the big TpT sale Aug. 12 -13. Use the code BTS12 to take an extra discount at check-out! Thanks from All Y'all Need!

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