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I want to share another resource I found this summer, Teachers pay Teachers. A disclosure - I am the first L in the ALL of the All Y'all Need Store. I just want you to know that upfront. But what I really want to share is that Teachers pay Teachers, or TpT as it's known, is a great resource for SLPs.

What is TpT? My sister Amy (the A in ALL) and my cousin Lisa (the second L in ALL) introduced me to the site over spring break and then again this summer. TpT is described as an "open marketplace". It is an online store, not a brick-and-mortar location. Teachers sell lessons in downloads on current topics and themes. It is not a place to sell instructional materials we don't use anymore. Purchases come in the form of downloads - just click, download, open, and print!

I am always amazed at the variety of materials available and the reasonable prices. You know how we are always making stuff? Sometimes at the last minute? What if we could pay a few dollars, the dollars you would spend on materials, and make it even more efficiently?

For example, I am now in love with glyphs. I love how students can work on following directions, sequencing and target artic sounds and so much more. Then, I usually record the students telling their story on the iPad and we talk about it in regards to their objectives. I love this Pirate Glyph by Glyph Girls. For $5, the patterns and key are a great deal for me. And check out their current free download, a cute Back to School Pencil.

Wanna know SLPs on TpT? Take a look at these Pinterest boards - mine and Consonantly Speaking's. It's free to register for TpT and follow stores. Active sellers include: Jenna Rayburn, Consonantly Speaking (all free downloads!), chalk talk speech therapy, and SLP Gone Wild (Crazy Speech World). And, of course, our little store.

And some more notes from my Bossy Firstborn side. If you like something, take a few seconds to rate it. Sellers really appreciate that. I wouldn't buy a low-rated or no-rated book from Amazon, and the same thing applies to TpT. People use the ratings as guides.

I hope that gives you another place for ideas!

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  1. Thanks for including me in your post Laura!!!

  2. I have JUST jumped on the band wagon---feel free to check it out http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Miss-Speechie

  3. I LOVE TpT and am a seller there! TpT is a great place and has some of the most supportive people you will meet:) I would love to have you as a follower of my store.

    I am heading over to follow you now:)


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    1. Check Tammy's stuff out - she is very creative!


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