Speech Therapy: What is Your Favorite?

No, you're not seeing double. This summer, during the week of July the 4th of all times, my Special Ed. Director e-mailed everyone about the upcoming staff meeting tomorrow. The theme is something along the lines of "favorites", and we are all supposed to bring in 2 identical items of something we can't live without. The budget is $5. I don't know if that's $5 an item or $2.50 an item, but I'm cheap, so I'm going with $5 total.

My first thought was..... PENS! I mean, who couldn't use more pens? I go through tons of black and blue pens (apparently blue pens prevent forgery). But if there's anything I've learned this summer from my daughter, my sister Amy, my cousin Lisa, and the tons of creative bloggers and pinners, it's NOT to be boring. And I would put pens on the boring list.

My second thought was..... PAPER CLIPS! We are fortunate to have clerks who process all of our paperwork. That means they copy, mail to parents, and scan in forms. Our clerks love paper clips because they don't have to take out staples and reattach. The clerk I work with is very particular about paper clips. She prefers the plain metal kind, although I've snuck in some pretty plastic colors. When I tried the shaped paper clips, like dog bones, she collected them and brought them back to me. Are you snoring yet?

My third thought was..... IBUPROFEN! Everyone has one of those days, and I thought I could get some little bottles for the right price. 

My fourth thought was...... MAGNETS! I love mighty magnets from the Container Store. They hold everything! But at around $13/package, I'm only buying those for me.

My fifth thought was........ SONIC! We have 3 Sonics within our district, so people traveling often come in with Sonic cups. I'm sure my local Sonic would give me two large cups, and then I could put in $2 in each cup.

But what I finally stuck with was Mary Poppins. My cousin Lisa found some FREE Disney quotes and made this very cute frame:
I thought the quote was perfect for some of our paperwork tasks, I love Mary Poppins - the movie and musical, and Disney goes along with me. I'm happy. The quote is from a girl with a glue gun. Go see the rest of the cute things she has!

I think I have something fairly unique, at least more than pens, something that will make people smile every once in a while, and something that reflects my personality. I just printed off the quote on card stock and framed. The hardest part was fighting IKEA crowds on a Saturday!

So here's my question: What is something, or two things, that you can't live without? I'm looking forward to hearing your answers! I think we could all learn from each other.

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  1. I use felt tip pens and I have one in every color. My students call them my "marker pens" :) They make me extremely happy...and my data sheets are extremely colorful!

    1. What a great way to make everything cheery!

  2. I couldn't live without push pins % post it notes for my various to do lists and daily reminders..

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my TpT thread so I could find your blog! Newest follower here:)

    I'm having a giveaway over at my new Clip Art blog! I hope you'll come by and check it out:)
    1...2...3...Teach With Me
    Dots of Fun! Clip Art

    1. Tammy, thanks for following! I will definitely check out your blogs, and I am planning a post to show what I did with the chevron paper,

  4. Sonic would be my number one. I am my mother's child! haha

  5. There were several Sonic cards that were quickly claimed-you're in good company!


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