Summer of 60 Pins, #48: Snickerdoodle Cake

Today is J's 17th birthday! He's been busy with marching band twice a day, plus he's pretty much a homebody and content, so he didn't really want a whole lot but rest between practices. His grandparents gave him an iPhone, though. We're going to do a few things this weekend, but I didn't want today to slip completely away into Sixteen Candles. J loves snickerdoodles, and this pin for Snickerdoodle Cake has been floating around, so I tried it.

The original pin:
                                 Source: via Laura on Pinterest

See the difference? Yeah, me neither...

The Good: I think the cake is going to be reeeaaally good.

The Bad: We have to wait for band practice to end before cutting into it.

Summary: I can bake and make things taste good, I just can't decorate cakes and make them look good. Hopefully, it's enough for J to say, "My mom loves me!"

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  1. I am the same way with decorating baked goods... This looks good I hope he enjoys it...

    Tai Patrice

  2. J really liked the cake! After marching band practice, I got a sweaty hug, compliment and BIG smile!


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