Celebrating Constitution Day

Constitution Day is coming up on Sept. 17!  Constitution Day is required to be taught by a 2004 law and by TEKS, but more than that, it is a wonderful way to celebrate the signing of the Constitution and to honor our Founding Fathers. More information is at Constitution Day and at The National Constitution Center.

All Y'all Need has two new products to help your students learn about Constitution Day. The first item combines information and fun in an Informative Reader's Theater:
Constitution Day Reader’s Informative Theater unit includes:
1 graphic organizer and/or activity
1 full script in black and white with Character Cards
1 full script in color with Character Cards
1 graphic organizer activity

Your students will have fun with the five characters - a boy, a girl, an eagle, George Washington, and a heart.

Constitution Day Reader's Informative Theater is $3, or you can get it as one of the 14 sets in the huge Holidays July to December Informative Reader's Theater (set 1) for $12.

The second item is an Ask Away Activity for Constitution Day and focuses on 24 vocabulary words for Constitution Day.
Here is a look at the vocabulary included:
Ask Away Activity for Constitution Day is $1.

Thanks for taking a look, and happy celebrating!

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