Tuesday Talk and No Pop Quiz....I Promise

Do you belong to a book club?   One with grown ups.   One that does not have more illustrations than words in the books.  

My first experience with book clubs was intimidating.   And scary.    I did not know everyone in the club.   These girls in the club had Post-It Notes to mark passages.   They compared the book to the classics.   They used words I only heard in my college English classes.   And then, only the professor used those words.    I was more worried if there was going to be a pop quiz in the class.

I felt like it was "Mad About You" book club moment.   If you do not remember the episode, Paul and Jamie picked Moby Dick as the group read.    Neither Paul nor Jamie read the book.    They ended up watching the Mr. Magoo version of Moby Dick on the VCR.

Well, I was invited to join a book club with some teachers at my school two years ago.    It is very different.   For one, I know everyone in the club.   No guilt if you do not read the book.   We read one book per month.    Everyone has different taste in books, so there is always a variety.    And, there is food!     We get to go out and eat.    And chat.    And use normal words to talk about the book.  I never worry about a pop quiz.  

Here are some of my top picks of our book club.  They are in random order.  

Let me know if there is something I should be reading......I love book suggestions.

Have a great week,

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