Thursday Therapy: Back to School

This week was the third full week for most Texas students and the first week I've gotten to see all of my speech/language kids. It went pretty well with a few adjustments needed for scheduling. And I am exhausted! I always feel like I am a week behind teachers. They were worn out and seem to have their footing, and I'm still grasping for a foothold!

This week centered around the book Miss Nelson is Missing! by Harry Allard. After reading the book, we did a Write & Say the Room.
On the second day, we reviewed the book and then played Back to School Ask Away.
If the pictures look familiar, it's because they are on Instagram with the hashtag #InstaSLP in a fun party hosted by Speech Room News and Crazy Speech World. I'm loving finding new SLPs to follow, which equals more ideas!

I came up with a quick idea for a bus craft for my Life Skills students. The idea came from Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails and from Juxtapost. My example is a little embarrassing, but I'm sharing it. If you use it, I'm sure yours will be cuter.
It's really just shapes. You'll need:
3 yellow strips cut into 6 x 1 inches
3 yellow strips cut into 3 x .5 inches
1 yellow strip cut into 4.5 x 1 inch
(I approximated on all of these)
4 black squares, about 2 x 2 (trim two of the squares into circles for the wheels)

Put two long strips down for the bottom of the bus and a third strip in the middle to cover the line. Glue the three short strips vertically to make spots for the windows and the medium strip on the top. Glue on the windows and wheels. Use white, yellow or gray crayon to draw people on the bus and wheel accents. Decorate as desired.

We worked on requesting, the concepts of short, medium and long, colors, and following directions.

Next week will be Constitution Week with an Informative Reader's Theater, an Ask Away Activity, and a Wh- game.

What have you been doing?

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