Friday Faves for Sept. 6

From Amy:
#1   Gail Gibbons books!   I just love her books.   Each time I read one to the sweeties, I learn something.    I am ordering this one next for our library.

#2 People Magazine
Have I said this before?   Probably.   I love my People Magazine.   I love to read it from cover to cover.   I do not believe you should always read on grade level :-)    Sometimes just reading for pleasure is what the librarian ordered.

#3  Curious George Goes to School.    I read this book almost every year at the beginning of the year.   I think kids identify with George.    The Man With the Yellow Hat tells George, "Stay right here.   Don't get in trouble." Of course, George does get in trouble.   But he is forgiven.    And he helps out.    And there is a gold star with a happy ending.   Lisa and I love earning gold stars!   Laura has so many gold stars that her path beneath her feet is probably paved in gold.   She is simply glowing in gold.

From Laura:
#1: Sopapilla Cheesecake. My wonderful mom came on Wednesday to clean up and do laundry, and she left us with Taco Soup and a most delicious Sopapilla Cheesecake. Make it now!
From Just a Pinch Recipes

#2: The Marching 100. Really, the whole marching band with pit and color guard are 300+, but apparently 100 is tradition. It's my son's senior year, so it's bittersweet. Tonight is their first performance of Time!
#3: Duck Dynasty Season 4. I just love this show. It's fun, and I don't have to keep up with plotlines. So nice to have on Wednesday nights!

From Lisa:
#1: My "I survived the first week of Kindergarten" present! :) As Amy has already stated, we love gold stars. Especially when they come in the form of a Michael Kors handbag. :)

#2: My Erin Condren lesson planner. I'm super OCD and tabs make me happy. haha 

#3: Today is our Grandparents Day Picnic and the kiddos' gifts are just precious! They had so much fun making these magnets. 

Have a great weekend!

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