Thursday Therapy: Constitution Week 2013

This week, my students learned about Constitution Day with a couple of books, Arthur Meets the President by Marc Brown and Duck for President by Doreen Cronin. Activities included an Informative Reader's Theater, an Ask Away Activity, and a Wh- game. I used Speech2U's Flip Flap book along with the game so that students could write their answers and then either practice artic sounds or make sentences at home.
Preschool, FA, and  Life Skills students made a flag out of big and little craft sticks based on this one from Enchanted Learning. We used crayons, though, instead of paint. I learned that white crayons do not color very well on craft sticks, but we still worked on requesting, vocabulary and speech sounds.
Next week includes my husband's and father's birthdays! I'm not too sure my students are interested in that, so it will be Johnny Appleseed week. We're actually having days in the 80s, so it might feel like fall for us!

Here are a few items I'm getting ready. First is The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall.
Second is another Informative Reader's Theater.
A Fact and Opinion from Orange You Smart.
I already have an APPLES Game from Speaking of Speech. And I'm working on an apple tasting activity.

What are your plans for next week?

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