Friday Faves from All Y'all Need: Sept. 27

From Amy:
I am totally addicted to clip art.   Are you in the club with me?    I have lots of favorite places to get my clip art.    But, if I had to pick just one artist right here, right now to recommend..................Krista at The Creative Chalkboard:

I am happy to see the return of "Dancing with the Stars".    I have never heard of some of these supposed stars.   But I do not care.   I just like to see the dancing.    I have no, zip, nada dancing abilities of my own.    If forced, I quietly say, "I am Baptist.   We don't dance".   The total truth is....I do not know how to dance, I am totally uncoordinated, and I never want to learn to dance.    Well, saying all that just seems harsh.  Currently, I don't have a particular dance team that is my favorite.   I'll have to keep watching :-)
And, just to show how much of a nerd I am.    My last Friday Fave is World Book Online
It is easy and simple.    I use it for just about everything to look up with the sweeties.    I don't even want to tell you how old the encyclopedia books are at school.    Can we say outdated?

From Laura:
It's finally fall in Central Texas! And by that, I mean temps in the 90s, which I am loving. Alas, fall also means the return of cedar fever. Thanks goodness for nasal spray!
HEB's Turkey Cranberry Salad is awesome! I love having a carton around to eat on the days everyone else is busy. If you don't have an HEB, Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange has a copycat recipe. Here's her picture:
From Lisa:
I just got back from my cousin's wedding in Lexington, Kentucky. Although I missed my kinder babies, I LOVED Lexington! Weekend getaways are wonderful!! While in Kentucky, we toured The Woodford Reserve Distillery, went shopping, drove around looking at horse farms, and visited Keeneland. This West Texas girl was very happy to see green grass and rolling hills! haha 

The Voice! So glad The Voice is back. Adam, I've missed you. :) 

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