Tuesday Talk

I had a great 3 day weekend.   Boy, I wish I could say that more often.

I did a little TpT shopping over the weekend.   Why not?   It is fun.   It is me showing a little financial support for my colleagues.   It is the kind of shopping you can feel good about.

I am sharing with y'all what I purchased.    In case the need to do a little retail therapy hits you or you need to add to your TpT wishlist.

I love visuals.   Colorful, bright, happy visuals are my absolute favorite.
So, I could not resist these comprehension posters:

I love DeeDee Wills.   Love, love, love.   I got to meet her at I Teach K!   Here is the proof.   See the happy smile?    Ok, Lisa has the happy smile.   DeeDee looks gorgeous.   I have my mouth open.   And I have the Las-Vegas-sweat-thing going.  

On to the purchase......I am so happy to see this!   I need help with my own handwriting.   My printing is good.   But my cursive, it was obsolete before it was cool to be noncursive.    But here is what I learned about handwriting....kids need a starting place.    Well, I never thought about that.   They do not know where to start on a letter unless you tell them.    So, here you go.....

And, you know I LOVE clip art.    So, I had to add that into my TpT cart.
First stop, Melonheadz....

And, then I saw this from Krista at Creative Clips.....ta da.    Limited edition, limited time only.    So, I just hit add to cart, clicked on PayPal, and added this delightful wonderful set to my collection.  No thinking twice.   

Hope y'all have a wonderful week,

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