Wild Wednesday: Downsizing

My kids are teens and I'm traveling between schools again. It's time to downsize. I know minivans are the epitome of uncool, but it was a good car for us - room, comfortable, and with a DVD system before handheld devices took over the world. I was sad to say goodbye to it.
But my new Ford Focus will be great for gas, not toting as many people, and it's smarter than I am!
My 16-year-old daughter has programmed Sirius radio stations for me (80s on 80, The Message, The Blend), my Bluetooth is synced, and I know how to operate the windshield wipers if it ever rains again in Texas! And yes, it's a white Ford with a tan interior, which seems to run in my family. But all the other cars had black interiors, and I wasn't buying that in 100+ degree heat! Here's hoping for lower gas bills!

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