The 5 W's

Who Am I? Well, you can read my profile. I strive first of all to be a Christian wife and mother. I grew up in a little town in West Texas but have lived in Central Texas for most of my life. I am married to Jim and have two kids. J is my son and 16 years old. R is my daughter and 13 years old (and a budding Pinterester!)

What Is This Blog? A way to chronicle my journey with Pinterest. I first found Pinterest in July and quickly became hooked. I edit the pins I complete, but I wanted more. Most of what I do is weeknight recipes and speech therapy.

Where Can You Find Me? At Pinterest, Laura Deeken.

When? I decided to create a blog fter cleaning my craft desk in January 2012 and found some unfinished Pinterest projects from summer 2011...

Why? whereby I decided to become more accountable in my ambitions, whether successes or fails.

I hope you will join and follow me in this quest of actually carrying out some of my pins!

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