Speech Therapy-Winter: Penguins

The Pin: This seemed like an easy enough craft to adapt to K-1 and Functional Academics.

                                                                     Source: craftjr.com via Laura on Pinterest

The Good: I had all the supplies but used crayons for paint. Easy-to-follow instructions. Students loved these. Adaptable for language and artic. Good for social skills - limit the supplies and have the students interact by sharing them and taking turns. My favorite activity was working with prepositions with Kg. On a whim, we played "Penguin says, Put me under the chair", or over, behind, on, next to...

I also put "speech words" for each student on the tummy. This student is working on /s/ blends, so we practiced saying "penguin's eyes, penguin's beak", etc. Then he made a sentence: My penguin slides on its tummy. Pretty good penguin for a Kg-er!

This student has more severe artic and is working on vowels and voicing. His productions are inconsistent. We worked on saying "feet" instead of "veet", some fronting with "beak", etc.

The Bad: Nothing. Everyone was able to cut the plate although some complained at the beginning.

Summary: Super activity to work on many speech therapy skills in a group. I would definitely do this activity again.

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