Parties: Perfect Winter Salad

This salad is one of my newer pins. Here's my description: Perfect Winter Salad from Taste of Home for Soup n Salad lunch on Wednesday. 5/5 stars. It's under Parties because I made it for my school's Soup N Salad Luncheon today. Normally, I don't take salads, but by the time I signed up, soups and desserts were pretty full. The "easy" stuff was left, but I like to cook.

And of course, I couldn't just bring a bagged salad, although two 5 oz. bagged salads are the basis. Yes, I actually looked for a salad recipe. It's from Taste of Home, a great site for reliable recipes.

I really liked the salad. It has spring greens, dried cherries, pecans, red onions, and a quick, homemade dressing. I changed two things. First, it calls for shallots, and I don't even know where to find those, so I chopped up some green onions and threw them into the salad. Second, some of my co-workers insisted that the dressing should not be poured over the salad, so it got served on the side. When Harry Met Sally, anyone?

I had quite a bit left over for a school with 50+ staff, but there was a LOT of food. I'm eating it for dinner tonight.

The recipe creator on Taste of Home suggests putting grilled chicken in, and I think that would be great. The only thing I didn't like, and I guess it can't be avoided, is that the cherries, pecans, apples and onions kept going to the bottom of the salad. I put up a sign warning people to dig for the good stuff!

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