Speech Therapy-STAAR: The Triangle

The Pin: TEA's triangle of accommodations for STAAR.

The Good: The triangle is up and online.

The Bad: STAAR is still new. We are still learning about it, and administration will start at the end of February.

Summary: According to my director, STAAR accommodations can be considered for any student with a difficulty, not just a disability, so speech-only students will be looked at more closely. I foresee my principal, who I dearly love, asking me to set a lot of ARDs to address accommodations ASAP. While I appreciate being able to help my students, ARDs will most likely happen during therapy time. I haven't found a good balance between ARDs and therapy. Yes, I make up the therapy time, and I have some time without therapy for ARDs, but that doesn't always work out. This will definitely be a learning year for my district, school, and me.

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